Global Audio Solutions is formed by passionated and committed people. Innovation and research development in the audiovisual world are the forefront of the leadership since the launch of GAS. This encouraged us to offer innovative content and tools in 2008, along with our first seminar. Since then, our business and experience has expanded due to demand of services and expansion of the industry. As a results in 2019 Global Audio Solutions was established. With all our experiences added with the years, GAS wants to continue progressing in that initial intention. We also get involved in investigating any new experience, in assuming didactic innovations and in not putting limits on the ability to integrate ideas. These words are not intended to embellish a presentation; They are firm purposes that are born from the belief that our knowledge must be made known through new methods and attractive -and effective- ways of doing things. The incessant technological and knowledge innovations are analyzed by our teaching team as soon as they come to light and, adjusted to our criteria, they try to be elements that enhance artistic creation. These synergies and complicity between the educational world and professional experience led us to develop our own software as of 2014. Not only with the intention of meeting the expectations of the moment, but with the idea of thinking and developing how the tools of the future should be. With all this, we are satisfied to offer our services for and by professionals.


Our adress
C/ Josep Ferrater i Móra, 9, 08019 Barcelona